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Store Credit for Used Books

We offer reimbursement for gently-used books exclusively in the form of credit toward other purchases at East End Book Exchange. Our policies are based on the system that many small bookstores use to stay well-stocked, and we welcome your participation.

Depending on the quality of and demand for the books you bring in, you will receive between 10-30% of our price for them in credit toward purchases.

You can apply your trade credit in two ways:

100% of the purchase price of any used book (with very few exceptions).


50% of the purchase price of any new book (with very few exceptions) with the remaining 50% paid in cash.

What We Like: Classic literature, contemporary fiction, mystery, art, architecture, photography, counterculture, philosophy, modern literature, cultural studies, cookbooks and food studies, gardening, science and nature, travel writing, history, poetry, plays, children’s classic literature and picture books, foreign language, hardcover novels published in the last two years, Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania-related.

What We Will Never Take: Anything in bad condition (extensively highlighted or underlined, water damaged, mold, creased spines), encyclopedias, Reader’s Digest, textbooks, computer and travel guides older than two years, almanacs, magazines, romance novels, children’s books not in excellent condition, hardcovers lacking a dustjacket.

****You are responsible for taking back any books we can’t use, and we encourage you to donate them to libraries, schools or other nonprofits.****


We do not take donations.

These guidelines are designed to prevent you from lugging boxes of books up Liberty Avenue, only to have to lug them back to your car. We thank you for your cooperation.

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